Basic informations:

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This lathe is designed for the production of comlex shapes of flange and shaft-like parts in the recurrent small scale and piece manufacture. The machine is capable of turning cylindrical and/or conical thread cutting. Workpieces are gripped into a hydraulically controlled through-way chuck.

- Control system:
  • Siemens 810D
- Feed drives:
  • Siemens (rapid 30meters per minute)
- Feed convertors:
  • Siemens
- Tool turret:
  • Duplomatic electric 12-positions
- Clamping:
  • chuck
Optional accessories:
Cooling attachment, conveyer of chips, hydraulically controlled clamping.
Main technical data:
Spindle bore 114 mm
Max. diameter of bar stock 100 mm
Max. swing over slide rest 550 mm
Max. swing over cross-slide rest 310 mm
Max. length of machining 250 mm
Range of spindle speed 40-3000 rpm
Max. travel of carriage 740 mm
Max. travel of crossslide 325 mm
Rapid 30 mpm
Chuck diameter (40) 315 mm
Number of tools in turret 12  
Main electric motor power output 22 kW
Floor space 3196x1755 mm
Machine height 3020 mm
Machine weight 8000 kg