Basic information:

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Semi-automatic lathe SPRY 40 CNC is designed for piece, small scale and or large scale production of turnery character from bar stock within the diameter of 6-40 mm. Max. bar length is 3000 mm.

Optional equipment:
- Control system:
  • Siemens Sinumeric 810D
  • Siemens Sinumeric 810T GA.3
  • MEFI 859 CNC
- Feed and spindle drives:
  • digital Siemens (rapid 15 meters per minute)
  • analog MEZ (rapid 7 meters per minute)
- Feed and spindle conventors:
  • Siemens Simodrive 611 analog
  • Siemens Simodrive 611 digital
  • MEZ Formic for feed and MEZ Formic R for spindle
- Tool turret:
  • electric Duplomatic with tool disc by ZPS (VDI 20)
  • electric Duplomatic with tool disc by Duplomatic with rotary tools (VDI 20)
  • hydraulics with tool disc by ZPS
- Clamping:
  • Gripping collet
  • Chuck
Special accessories:
Cooling equipment with splinter vessel, hydraulically controlled gripping collet, hydraulically controlled chunk, leading and serving of bar stock.
Main technical data:
Spindle bore 50 mm
Max. machining diameter 110 mm
Max. chuck diameter 110 mm
Max. bar stock averange 40 mm
Max. length when using tailstock 300 mm
Stepless revolution gear change 40-4500 rpm
Max. teravel of carriage 400 mm
Max. travel of crossslide 80 mm
Spindle electric motor power output 10 kW
Floor space 1950x1580 mm
Height of machine 1850 mm
Weight of machine 2400 kg