Basic informations:

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The numerically controlled turret lathe CT 201 CNC is designed for machining of flange-type parts, shorter shafts and parts from bar stock. machine enabling the use of various technological operations, e.g. turning of external, internal and frontal surfaces, cylindrical, tapered or spherical, boring and turning of holes, threading, eccentric boring and milling in the turning axis as well as perpendiculary to it etc.

- Control system:
  • Siemens Sinumeric 840 sl
- Feed and spindle drives:
  • digital Siemens (rapidfeed 20 meters per minute)
- Feed and spindle converters:
  • Siemens
- Tool turret:
  • Duplomatic electric 12 positions (VDI 30)
- Clamping:
  • Gripping collet
  • Chuck
Special accessories:
Front cooling, rear cooling hydraulically controlled gripping collet, hydraulically controlled chunk, attachment for machining the other side of workpiece, conveyer of chips, material guide, take-off of workpieces etc.
Main technical data:
Max. diameter of turning - flange part 125 mm
Max. diameter of turning - shaft parts 125 mm
Max. diameter od bar stock 40 mm
Max. length of machining 300 mm
Range of spindle speed 50-5000 rpm
Max. travel of carriage 400 mm
Max. travel of crossslide 185 mm
Number of tool positions for rotary tools 6  
Number of tools in turret 12  
Main electric motor power output 11,2 kW
Machine input 17,8 kW
Floor space 2315x3150 mm
Machine weight 3970 kg